SharePoint 2013 Preview Unboxing Part 2

The second installment to my unboxing of SharePoint 2013 Preview has now been uploaded to YouTube.  In the first part I demonstrated how to get started from downloading the installation media, up to a configured site waiting for pages to load.

This particular video shows my struggle to get my shiny new site loaded.  I get the opportunity to check that ULS logging is working, attempt to create a web app, and finally get my site to display.  Ultimately the speed of my host caused the most problems, and I finally get some responsiveness once I assign an extra CPU core and bump the RAM from 4GB to 6GB.

The end result is a working team site, and if you cannot wait patiently as I fumble around with my virtual machine, skip ahead to the last couple of minutes.  I appologise if the video appears a bit choppy, I tried to shorten as many of the sequences as possible so you can see more of the action, and less of the progress circles going around.

The two unboxing videos that I have created demonstrate some of the basic steps to get SharePoint 2013 Preview installed.  I hope to get some time soon to stat looking at particular features of Central Administration and the sites themselves.