University Projects

My main university project is ultimately my honours thesis.  I explored methods of web socialisation to elicit connections to individuals for tacit knowledge transfer.  This was a very interesting project and quite a lot of fun.  I’ve also included another project, My Radio, which is a prototype for a tailored radio system.  This demonstrates possible ubiquity within a modern living environment.  Finally, a team of us published a paper whereby we applied machine learning techniques to news articles.

Honours Thesis:

TIXS: Tacit Information eXchange System: An investigation of electronically developing and exploiting tacit knowledge in communities of practice

TIXS is a knowledge management solution for developing and exploiting tacit information in a medium to large size business or organisation. The solution allows people to search the internet and discover other people who have also searched for a similar query. Information about these subject matter experts and websites that they deem relevant are available in the search result. TIXS was developed from investigative research into various aspects of knowledge management. It utilises the Google search engine interface and user profiling in the construction of the solution. The prototype system was used in a trial within a consulting engineering company.

My thesis can be read online here.

Third year major project:

My Radio

My Radio is a tailored radio system that challenges the model of current radio stations that play news, music and other items to suit particular demographics and advertisers. My Radio allows individual listeners to customise their own radio environment to let them hear the music and news that is relevant and personal to their desires.

My Radio has been developed after initially investigating home computing technologies. Scenarios and user discussions helped generate and derive the tailored My Radio system model. Using simple and common technologies such as ElvinJava and Microsoft Agents, the proposed solution was constructed and a working demonstration was shown at theITEE Innovation Expo.


Heyer, C., Madden, J., Hollingsworth, K., Heydon, P., Bartlett, K. and J. Diederich, J. (2002) “MyNewsWave: User-centered Web search and news delivery.” Proc. of Australasian Document Computing Symposium 2002 (ADCS’02). Sydney, Australia. pp. 121-124