Personal Projects

Jamboree Residents Association Website

In 2009, a number of residents with some immediate construction and traffic concerns formed a local resident’s association in the area that I live.  I volunteered to setup and host a website.

Using Joomla, I created a site that worked with the President’s vision and allowed the ease of administration by non-technical users.  After the first few months, I handed over the reigns to a fellow resident for content administration.  I continue to assist with any advanced site issues.  Visit the site for yourself:

UQI Assignment Submission

The University of Queensland Ipswich campus commissioned myself and two colleagues to re-design their assignment submission system.  The current system was very rudimentary.  Administration staff had to manually create coversheets for assignments which had a barcode.  Students then scanned  this into a computer and it recorded when the assignments were submitted.  It was isolated from the network and had to be manually updated with student details each semester.

Our solution was an integrated web-based system that would allow faculty staff to administer courses and assignments.  Students were able to print out their own coversheet, scan it and their student card into the computer and deposit the assignment into one of the collection bins.  Administration staff were able to collate the assignments and produce online reports for lecturers based of our system.

The system is still in use today on that campus.  The UQI Assist website is also accessible.  Above is a photo of the collection scanner terminals and the submission bins on the left.