The business <> IT imbalance

I’ve been working in the IT Industry for some years now, and I feel something is wrong.

Far too often there seems to be an imbalance with what someone wants and what someone gets.  This may be as simple as a service call, or complex as a development project.  But this can work both ways.  Unrealistic demands from within the business with limited resources cause pains for IT professionals as well.

Some days it is difficult not to be frustrated from either side of the ‘fence’.

So what can we do to resolve this?  Time for the business and IT to get together and establish some expectations.  Sounds easy, but its quite complex.  Sometimes sacrifices may be made be it scope of projects or quality of service.  Or innovation and new ideas may ways to deliver better solutions with less money.

This is one topic I’m looking to explore as part of this blog, and hopefully there will be something we can all learn to make this less wrong and more right.