One Year of Harmony

About a one year ago, when my one year old son was getting into just about everything, we found that our media centre remote control stopped working.  Seems that dropping the device multiple times, and regular drops of baby drool don’t mix with reliable working of a remote control.  So off shopping I went.

I settled on a Logitech Harmony 525.  There are plenty of sites around reviewing this remote, which ultimately led me to its purchase.  Over a week or two I had tuned it my liking, and even my wife fell in love with it.  We ensured that this remote stayed away from little hands, and that it was for Mummy & Daddy only.  Luckily my son learnt this quickly, so whenever we left the remote within his reach, and he wanted to watch the Wiggles, he would most delicately carry it over to his mother or I for action.

A few days ago, we started experiencing problems with one of the composite inputs on our TV.  Everything that came out of the DVD player was a redish/blue.  Not that it bothered my son that Dortothy the Dinosaur looked like Barney, but it was annoying for the adults to watch.  After I changed inputs, I thought I had better update the remote.  I had since rebuilt the lounge laptop, and the software loaded up on Windows 7 with no problems.  Then, panic set in…I was being asked for a login and password…which had not been written down.

Nothing in my password safe, nothing in my email.  What could my credentials be?  So clicked the ever-so-used “Forgot Password” button, and got prompted to plug in my Harmony remote.  All I had to do was answer one security question an volia – I was up and running with all my settings I had painstakingly tuned.

I was pleasantly surprised by the experience, which prompted me to reflect on the engineering gone into this product.  Not only had I retrieved my configuration almost effortlessly, but I hadn’t needed to reattach the thing in almost a year!  All our vendor supplied remotes have been retired to the cupboard and we’ve been flying solo for quite some time.  We’re very happy to be living with Harmony.