Cubby House Project – 07 The Walls

31 December 2014 – Wall Cladding

I made another trip to Bunnings to grab the remaining 8 sheets of 7mm ply.  To minimise the sheets of ply needed, the height of the cubby was centred around 1.5 sheets of ply high – 1800mm.

The first part was to cut out the two triangles for the front and back trusses.  These had been traced out before screwing into position on the wall frame.  The top pieces of the walls had also been cut.

A reciprocating saw was used to cut out the tops of the windows and door frame.  This was much easier then trying to measure and cut this off the frame.





Construction time ~ 4 hours.

1 January 2015 – More wall cladding

I started putting up the main sheets late on New Years Day.  Now it started to look like a real cubby.




Even the kids seemed impressed



I was ready to finish for the day, when wife kept working away in the garden.  So I cut the front wall and screwed that into position too.



At this stage I realised how much I was relying on the back being open to move around the cubby.  I made a decision to put the back wall on as late as possible, and to do the roof first.

Construction time ~ 3.5 hours

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